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The Future of the WWE

Last night on the first episode of Monday Night Raw of 2011 two matches really stuck out in my mind. The first match was the Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship between The Miz and John Morrison. I have to say it was a tremendous match that highlighted the future of the business.

The other match that highlighted the future was the triple threat steel cage match between Randy Orton, Wade Barrett and Sheamus. Orton is in his prime right now and probably won’t slow down for at least five more years. They are making use of their younger guys like Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, and Jack Swagger. even had a list of 11 guys to look forward to in 2011. Here is the list from

11. Ezekiel Jackson
10. Tyson Kidd
9. Tamina
8. Alex Riley
7. David Otunga
6. Drew McIntyre
5. Skip Sheffield
4. Cody Rhodes
3. Dolph Ziggler
2. Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson for you indy fans)
1. Alberto Del Rio

As you can see this list full of young and great talent. Also in 2011, is the return of Tough Enough which is a lot better then NXT. Here are some of the names who’ve been through Tough Enough:

Christopher Nowinski, # Josh Lomberger (a.k.a. Josh Mathews), Maven Huffman, Nidia Guenard, Matt Morgan, John Morrison, Jacki Gayda, The Miz, and Marty Wright (a.k.a The Boogeyman)

So as you can see by bringing Tough Enough, the future is bright for the WWE. I for one am looking forward to it. It premiers on USA the night after Wrestlemania. Things are looking up for WWE so stay tuned for more.

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