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The Hardys Reunite on TNA Impact 1/13/2011

Well if I could start by saying that Thursdays Impact was fun to watch that would be an understatement. The show kicked off with the the new TNA Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Anderson making his proclamation about things. Thad led to Jeff Hardy appearing on screen which then led a massive brawl with RVD and the rest of Immortal backstage. It was then announced Mr. Anderson and RVD would take on Matt and Jeff. But before that happened Anderson and RVD beat the crap out of Beer Money after their match.

Abyss vs. Matt Morgan was a decent match which saw Morgan get beat down by Abyss, Ric Flair and Rob Terry. After Abyss’ match he was then attacked by Crimson(Amazing Red’s brother) and Crimson told Abyss that “They” were coming. Another “They” is coming on February 3rd. Also on February 3rd Hulk Hogan is said to be making his return to the Impact Zone. All in all Impact should be a big night that night.

In the Main Even the Hardys took on RVD and Mr. Anderson. The match was good and it was really different seeing the Hardys as heels. I believe it might be the first time ever that they are both heels on the same team. The match ended in a no contest when Immortal beat the crap out of RVD and Anderson. That’s how the show ended and I will be curious to see how all of this plays out. Great to see the Hardys back together even if they and their friend are all on drugs. They still have the ability to draw a crowd. Team Extreme is in TNA.

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