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New Rules for NASCAR

Today the new points system was released for NASCAR starting this year. I’ve criticized NASCAR over the last few years about the Chase for the Cup and how it’s all one sided. I’ve also stated that I have lost my interest in NASCAR over the last few years. Now with this new points system maybe I will regain my interest and there won’t be on one person dominating the sport and winning a championship five times in a row.

Here is what the new system looks like.

-Drivers will be awarded 43 points for first place, 42 for second place and one point less for every following position down to last place.

-The winner will receive three bonus points.

-One bonus point will be awarded for leading a lap, as well as for leading the most laps.

-The winner would receive a minimum of 47 points and a maximum of 48. Second would receive a minimum of 42 points and a maximum of 44.

I like how they put more of an emphasis on winning and leading laps. It should have been this way all along. Maybe there won’t be any dispute who the champion should be. Keep staying tuned for more as the NASCAR season begins very soon. Daytona here we come…

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