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NFL Week 2: Divisional Round Recap

In what turned out to be a crazy weekend we are now down to the final four. Yesterday saw two very interesting games. The first game was between the Ravens and Steelers. The Ravens really took it to the Steelers in the first half but the Steelers came back in the second half to win the game. The Steelers did have a few calls in their favor that were in absolute joke but that’s the game.

The nightcap proved to be very surprising. The Falcons did not look the team they have been all season as the Packers won easily in Atlanta. Someone said it best, and that is the Packers are peaking and at the right time. Green Bay looked phenomenal and they have a good chance at making it to Dallas

On Sunday, the Bears completely demolished the Seahawks and it proved after all that the Seahawks were not the team that should have been there. The Bears are moving and now they play their division rival, the Green Bay Packers.

The second game featured a lot of trash talking before the game even started and the was between the Jets and Patriots. I will be honest, I thought the Pats would win easily because of what they did to the Jets the first time but Jets defense really stepped up today and the run game proved to be valuable again.

It’s now down to four teams and all four teams have played hard to get into their respective championship games. Stay tuned because the excitement has just begun.

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