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NFL Wildcard Weekend Predictions

What a final week it was in the NFL. The Lions go out on a 4 game winning streak. Green Bay makes into the playoffs barely. Brett Favre says he’s done for good but we will see how long that lasts. Lastly the Seahawks make it into the playoffs with a 7-9 record. What a bunch of craziness. Here are the match up’s coming up this weekend in the first weekend of the playoffs.

Sat., Jan. 08, 8:00 PM ET NBC
New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts
Well the Jets had a less tougher of an opponent and got to rest their starters for most of the game on Sunday. Even Mark Brunell threw a touchdown pass. Indianapolis has barely hobbled into the playoffs but somehow Peyton Manning seems to get the job done. As great as Indy is, I do not think they can withstand the overwhelming presence of the Jets defense. It’s going to be a close but I am going with the Jets.

Sun., Jan. 09, 1:00 PM ET CBS
Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs
Ravens have always prided themselves on having a great defense and they still do but with Joe Flacco and all the offensive weapons he has makes them a real dangerous team to face. The Chiefs have had a remarkable turn around season from the last few years. The Chiefs will continue to be a force to reckon with but the Baltimore defense is too experienced for a lot of teams to handle. Baltimore wins and moves on to play the next week.

Sat., Jan. 08, 4:30 PM ET NBC
New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks
This one is way too easy. As much as I don’t like them, the Saints will win hands down. Seattle or St. Louis for that matter has no business being in the playoffs with all the great teams in there this year. New Orleans has an easy road to the next week.

Sun., Jan. 09, 4:30 PM ET FOX
Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles
The first time these two teams met, the Packers won but almost lost when Kevin Kolb got injured and Michael Vick came into the game. This is a hard one for me because Michael Vick has been playing outstanding this year but the Packers have one of the best defenses and offenses in the league. I think the Packers will beat the Eagles but rest assure it won’t be easy.

So there you have it my predictions for the first week of the playoffs. On the NFC side of things Atlanta and Chicago have the byes. On the AFC, New England and Pittsburgh have the byes. Stay tuned for more.

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