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Stone Cold Steve Austin to Host WWE’s Tough Enough

It was announced yesterday that Stone Cold Steve Austin would be returning to the WWE to host Tough Enough which begins April 4th, at 8pm on the USA Network. This is huge for the WWE. Austin still has drawing power and I think he’s going to be really tough on these competitors. He knows wrestling is not a joke and takes it very seriously.

They haven’t released the names of the contestants yet but I think it will be a group of guys who some wrestling experience. A lot of the guys and gals who were on Tough Enough before had no experience whatsoever so it made for great television.

From what I’ve been hearing it sounds like they are going to have a special guest each week to work with the contestants. They planned the return of the show perfectly because it starts that day after Wrestlemania and airs one hour before Raw, so it’s a great lead-in for Raw.

WWE Tough Enough has produced great talent including the likes of Maven, Nidia, Josh Mathews, Matt Morgan, Jackie Gayda, John Morrison and the current WWE Champion The Miz. Tune April 4th to see who exactly is Tough Enough for the WWE.

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