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Thoughts on the Detroit Lions 2010 Season

Many have asked me to give my thoughts on the Detroit Lions 2010 season so here it goes. I knew from the moment they got Kyle Vanden Bosch, Corey Williams, Chris Houston, and drafted Ndamukong Suh I knew they were on to something. Then to top it off they took a chance on drafting Jahvid Best who had some shining moments this year. They also went out and signed Nate Burleson who I didn’t think deserved the money he got but I was wrong. He played just as good as Calvin Johnson did.

The Lions went 5-11 this year ending the season on a four game winning streak. Out of those 11 loses, 8 of them were decided by 10 points or less. Many teams came to realize the Lions were a joke no more. I applaud Jim Schwartz and his staff for being ready to play each week. They earned the respect that has been given to them and probably deserve more.

In my opinion, the Lions need to keep Shaun Hill and get rid of Matthew Stafford and Drew Stanton. At this point Hill gives the Lions the best chance to win. During the draft I would work on the offensive line and possibly get 1 or 2 offensive weapons. I would also draft an upstart QB like Ryan Mallett if you can get him. I also think that Dave Rayner is a must keep. I love Jason Hansen and have all the respect in the world for him, but I think it’s his time to step down. He’s had a great 20 year career and has nothing left to prove.

My prediction is that the Lions will be in the playoffs next year and not as a Wildcard. They will win the NFC North and make some noise in the playoffs. They are good quality football team and not the butt of every football joke anymore. Those are my thoughts and I hope I’ve satisfied you.

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  1. A couple of things. The Lions went 6-10 this year :). And I agree we do need a new QB drafted or maybe picked up in free agency. Stafford would be our best QB if only he wasn't hurt all the friggin time. If he's healthy he's better than Hill. Although Hill did have a good year! 🙂 we do need to shore up the defense and keep Raymer and also get rid of some of our aging offensive linemen and get younger, stronger OL in there. We've got plenty of weapons and with some luck yeah we could make the playoffs next year!

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