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Monster Jam: Path of Destruction Review

I usually don’t write about anything Monster Truck related but it’s a racing sport just like any other. I recently got Monster Jam: Path of Destruction and it’s a fun little game. It doesn’t have a lot of features but if you like running into things and getting crazy behind a wheel then this is a game for you.

It only has multiplayer and career mode with career mode being a challenge. You can choose an already made Monster Truck or you can create your own with it’s own unique look. The wheel that you use in the game is very sensitive so you have to be sure to use the brakes a lot in the game. The more experience points you get, the more things you unlock until you beat Gravedigger.

Like I said this is an extremely fun game if you like racing, smashing things and being crazy behind the wheel. If you’re a Monster Truck fan this is definitely a must have. It’s probably the best Monster Truck game they have come out with yet. Check it today.

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