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Road to Wrestlemania: Week 3

This past week on the Road to Wrestlemania things kicked off with CM Punk defeating John Cena after their confrontation to start the show. After that match Sheamus attacked Mark Henry due to the pot CM Punk was stirring the week before. Sheamus sent a message to all of his opponents in the Chamber match. In really good match WWE Champion The Miz defeated U.S. Champion Daniel Bryan. I always love what these to do. They have had great chemistry against each other in ever since NXT season 1 when The Miz was suppose to be the coach of Daniel Bryan. We all know now how that worked out. However the best match of the night and possibly the week was Randy Orton facing Sheamus. Sheamus dominated but Orton came back to win. The match was followed up by a brawl between all of the Raw Elimination Chamber participants. Then the biggest shocker of them all happened. The host of Wrestlemania 27 was announced and the host just happens to be The Rock. The Rock went over about 20 minutes past the due goes off the air and it was well worth it.

Smackdown kicked off with a huge 12 man tag. In that 12 man tag it was John Cena, Randy Orton, John Morrison, R-Truth, Rey Mysterio and Edge defeating CM Punk, Sheamus, Kane, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre. It was a action packed 35 minutes to start the show. Nothing else really happened other then Teddy Long coming back and making a match between Edge and Dolph Ziggler. Edge won the match to keep his title and then afterward Teddy Long fired Dolph Ziggler to end Smackdown.

Last night was the Elimination Chamber and here the highlights:
-John Cena won the Raw Elimination Chamber Match
-World Heavyweight Champion Edge won the SmackDown Elimination Chamber Match
-WWE Champion The Miz defeated Jerry Lawler
-Alberto Del Rio defeated Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston
-Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel def. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov to become the -new WWE Tag Team Champions.

Also Trish Stratus returned last night as she was announced as the newest coach of Tough Enough along with Booker T, and host Stone Cold Steve Austin. And if you were wondering who took Dolph Zigglers place in the Smackdown Chamber match, it was the Big Show.

It was a busy week for the WWE Universe but this week I heard more surprises were coming so stay tuned for more as the Road to Wrestlemania continues.

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