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Thoughts on the New “They” in TNA

Last night, the new “They” in TNA were revealed and I am just going to say it, I am really disappointed and I believe that TNA really dropped the ball on this one. The new “They” is Fortune, Crimson, Scott Steiner, Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson. It seem to go over well on TV but the only reason they did it that way is because Kevin Nash(now wrestling as Diesel in WWE again) and Booker T both went back to WWE. Eric Bischoff pretty much confirmed that Sting wasn’t coming back either.

This all could have been avoided if the writers wouldn’t have written a storyline with 3 guys who weren’t under contract. If you ask me the new “They” should have been Kurt, Scott, Crimson, Matt Morgan, and maybe bring Tommy Dreamer back for more TV time. That wouldn’t have been so bad.

The one thing I will say is AJ Styles is a lot better of a face then he is a heel. He is and will always been a fan favorite. It’s great to see him out of the whole Ric Flair thing. People were chanting, “We want 6 sides” referring to the old six sided ring that made TNA unique.

Could this be the turning point of bringing TNA back to the way it use to be before Hogan, Bischoff and company came. With “They” coming full circle it shall be interesting to see what happens win the next few months in TNA. Stay tuned to find out

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