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Thoughts on the Jarrett-Angle Storyline

About three weeks ago, Karen Jarrett the wife of Jeff Jarrett and ex wife of Kurt Angle was brought back to be on TV as part of the the Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle feud. This whole thing between Jeff and Kurt dates back to about two years ago. In 2009 it was reported that Karen Angle and Jeff Jarrett were romantically involved which resulted in Jeff being suspended.

In 2007, Jeff Jarrett’s wife of 15 years passed away and in 2008 the Angle’s divorced. Now it’s 2011 and a lot of people including myself thought that all of this was put to rest. However the one thing that really disgusts me about this whole Jarrett-Angle feud is the fact that they have dragged Kurt and Karen’s kids involved in this storyline. They don’t know anybody and the being paraded around on TV just for ratings.

I remember back in 2005 when Edge, Lita and Matt Hardy had their storyline on TV after real life circumstances. That was a different situation because no kids were involved, and no other wrestlers were involved except those three. If TNA is trying to capture some realism, they are not doing a very good job of it.

My firm belief is that this is disrespectful to Kurt, his family, and the memory of Jill Jarrett. In all honesty I am really surprised that Kurt has not left TNA Wrestling to go back to WWE after all this. This is just not about a wrestling storyline or career. It’s about a man’s personal life and family. I don’t know who is writing this garbage or making the decision to put it on TV but it’s wrong. Stay tuned for more on this “storyline” to see how it plays out. It’s real, it’s damn real.

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