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Thoughts on Super Bowl 45

Last night was the highly anticipated Super Bowl 45 between two of the most historical teams in the league. The Green Bay Packers came out swinging early and dominated the whole first half. However the Steelers made a nice little run to end the 1st half and in translated into the 3rd quarter

The halftime show in my opinion sucked. The Black Eyed Peas (especially Fergie) did not sound good at all. The only thing that saved it was Usher’s special appearance. It’s also pretty bad when you have to do other songs that aren’t yours. This may have been one of the worst halftime shows yet.

Now on to the third quarter where Pittsburgh really started to make their comeback. They really started beating up on the Packers and Aaron Rodgers looked like he couldn’t make a play for awhile. At the end of the 3rd it was 21-17 Green Bay. At one point Pittsburgh was within three points but Green Bay kicked a field goal to make it six and held the Steelers off to win the Super Bowl and bring the Lombardi Trophy back to it’s rightful place.

The MVP of the Super Bowl was Aaron Rodgers which in my opinion is a little bit debatable. I really thought Greg Jennings or Jordy Nelson could have gotten it with some of the huge plays they made.

All in all it was a great Super Bowl with some really funny commercials. I was entertained by both the game and the commercials. The Cheeseheads get to celebrate again and most importantly Aaron Rodgers has jumped out of the shadow of Brett Favre, so Amen to that. Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers.

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