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Message to the American Public: Turn Your Back on the NFL

Over the last two years and now the over the last many months and weeks the NFL and the players association have failed to come up with a new collective bargaining agreement. I don’t care what either side says because it’s about one thing and one thing only and that’s money.

I am absolutely insulted that the players association feel they need more money, and more benefits. This country is hurting so bad right now and all you care about is make a few more million. People are losing jobs, losing homes and gas prices are reaching an all time high. The athletes in this country are spoiled, pampered and selfish. Are they

One of the things the players want is benefits for retired players. Here’s my question and that is what are you doing with your money? These guys make more then enough to purchase a health insurance plan for themselves and their family so that isn’t even an issue as far as I am concerned.

The league wants to impose a minimum salary a rookie can make. I agree with that 100 percent. A rookie should not be able to choose where he plays and he should only make the league minimum for his first year. In my opinion these guys that come out of college should have to prove to themselves before they make the big bucks. Doing great in college sometimes doesn’t cut it.

The players also don’t want an 18 game season due to risk of injury. Really? You guys have the shortest season out of any sport. Do you really think playing two less preseason games is going to make a difference.

I am going to travel back in time to 1994. In my opinion baseball was the biggest sport in this country, not football. People loved baseball, it was the national past time. Does anyone remember what happen? They went on strike and baseball was never the same after that. They now just starting to recover from their stupidity from fifteen plus years ago. The NBA had a lockout but they still managed to have a season, and the NHL was locked out for a year at one time and look it where it got them. All of these sports have suffered due to lockouts.

There is a reason I love things like the UFC, and use to love WWE. It’s because they don’t go on strike, there are never strike talks. Pro wrestlers take a lot more punishment then NFL football players and you don’t hear them complaining. UFC fighters may not fight every week but they put through hell for a fight. Do you hear them complaining? No they don’t.

I thought these athletes played for the love of the game. They would like us to believe that but they are just as greedy as the next person. I can honestly say that if there is not an NFL season this year coming year, it will be hard for me to watch football again. As far as I am concern, if an NFL season doesn’t happen the American public should turn their back on the sport, the players and everything it represents. This country is the worst it’s been in a very long time and these athletes should feel the effect of it just like everyone else.

If the NFL is the great American sport then they should stop slapping the American public in the face and appreciate what they have. Only time will tell if this gets resolved. I hope for the sake of it’s fans it does. I for one will not lose sleep over not having football. Stay tuned for more on this ongoing struggle.

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  1. I used to think football players were tough. I guess those days are gone. Guys that played to prove that they were tougher than the rest like ditka, lambert and jim brown just don't come around any more. If they do they are overshadowed by attention whores like ocho cinco and t.o. sad

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