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Message to New York: Legalize MMA

Over the last couple of years Dana White and others have lobbied and pushed for New York to legalize MMA competitions in the state. This is been a much debated topic for a few years now. The politicians, big wigs, and activists believe MMA represents violence, not sport. My question to them is then why is boxing legal in New York? MMA is no different from boxing other then the fact their is many more disciplines and fight styles.

If this were 20 years ago I might understand why because back then the UFC had no rules. Now they have a lot of rules, different weight classes, drug testing, and everything else that other sports have. MMA is a growing industry, boxing is a dying breed and sport.

Think about this picture, a UFC event at Madison Square Garden. The Garden has had so many great sports and wrestling moments and we all know how New York sports fans are. They are passionate and they would tell you how they feel about a fight and a fighter. These people who are preventing MMA from coming are not realizing how money their state or big cities are losing out on.

My message to New York, bring MMA to your state. You will see a frenzy, you will see a buzz and you will see a different type of passion you have never seen before. All I got to say to Dana White is keep fighting the good fight. They will eventually break and realize they are losing out on something great.

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