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Quit Whining and Give Me Football!

By Yvonne Bowers Turpin

So the NFL lockout is the biggest epic fail of the year. I don’t understand what the big deal is. They are a bunch of multimillionaires fighting over even more money. So here’s how I think it should go down. Remember this is just my opinion.

So they are fighting over roughly nine billion dollars, right? (If I only had the problem of having nine billion dollars and not know what to do with it!)They want a salary cap and who knows what all else, I’ve lost track! First of all, no offense to any players out there, but I don’t understand why they need millions of dollars to play a game. (This goes for ANY sport). So you are putting your life/health on the line to do something you love…guess what so do the soldiers defending our country, police officers, fire fighters, etc and they don’t get millions of dollars, some of them barely make it on what they do make, they are “on” 24/7, and not just practicing for one day a week. Put a salary cap on EVERYONE, not just the rookies and whoever the hell else they want to cap, do it across the board. Give each player a couple million a season, some damn good health insurance, for current and former players, use the money to keep up the stadiums, pay the middle class workers to keep the place going (groundskeepers, concession, ticket takers, etc) and lower the price of the damn tickets!!!

The owners pay millions to have a football team, I get that, but what I don’t get is why they won’t spend millions of dollars to keep their team in a good stadium, pay the players and all the other people behind the scenes and make it affordable for fans in order to make their investment worth it.

With the state our country is in and almost everyone else in this country, living paycheck to paycheck, excuse me for not feeling sorry because you don’t get your millions of dollars for one day of actual work. If you want to make more money, take the couple million you get from playing football, be good at it and get endorsement deals to make up for what you think you need. Don’t make the fans suffer with no season over something as stupid as money.

I read yesterday that the Packers can’t even get their rings! Being a Packers fan, that pisses me off! They worked their asses off all season, won the Super Bowl and because the owners and the players union are having a hissy fit, they don’t get their rings! Come on!

Get over yourselves, do what’s right for the fans who are the ones who actually pay the money that you are fighting over and play some effing football!

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  1. I agree. I think professional sports players are paid way too much money for what they do. If you're so worried about getting hurt, don't play. There are so many people that do things that are so much more dangerous and don't get paid squat, quit your bitchin, put on your helmets and play some ball. Otherwise step aside and Im sure there are loads of men, who may not be as good as you, but still good, who would play for 500 grand. Stop actin like bitches and play the damn game. And as a Steelers fan I say, give the Packers their rings, they earned them!

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