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Sting Returns to TNA and More

So having Sting return to TNA was their answer to The Rock, Triple H, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Booker T and others coming back to WWE. If that was their answer, then that was indeed pathetic. Sting returned as Jeff Hardy’s mystery opponent and won the TNA World Heavyweight.

Over the last few months all I’ve seen on TV is the old timers that need to be out of the business or atleast off of TV. The Flair, Hogan and Bischoff thing was great for the first few months but this is turning into WCW all together again. If you want to relive wrestling at it’s worst from 10 years ago then tune in to TNA. TNA should be renamed to Total Non-Stop REWIND. I feel I am in a Back to the Future movie or something when I watch it.

Yes I am glad Sting is back, but I am not glad he’s back with TNA. He would have been better off in WWE. Everyone was pulling for him to go to WWE including me. He would have made more in Wrestlemania season then he would in 2 or 3 years at TNA. Hopefully someday he’ll do something with WWE but it’s not likely anytime soon. That’s enough of my total non-stop rant.

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