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Thoughts on the Fennville Boys Basketball Team

Earlier this week, the boys basketball team in Fennville had their season come to an end in the regional finals of the playoffs. I would like to personally say how I proud I was to hear that they made it that far and fought through each game like warriors.

It’s very hard to go through what that team went through, however they need to realize that through all this, they had an country who follows sports rooting them on cheering them on. I know Wes Leonard would be proud of his teammates. I am sure Wes’ family is very proud of the team that took the court without.

They played through some adverse conditions like playing the day before and after his funeral. I don’t know if I could do it but they did. It was great to see Bo Kimble come to the school and support those kids. I still remember the day he suffered his lost when Hank Gathers died on the court.

I still can’t believe how so many people throughout the country talked about this tragedy and the basketball team. It is simple amazing and it’s very inspiring that these kids went out and played their hearts out. Even though they did not win the state championship, they are champions in my book and Wes Leonard’s memory will always live on through what these kids did after he was gone.

My hats off to the Fennville Boys Basketball team. You did your teammate and friend proud. Keep your heads up and never forget what Wes Leonard was to you. Go Blackhawks!

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