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Thoughts on Jeff Hardy vs. Sting at Victory Road

Last night wrestling saw it’s biggest shocker since the Montreal Screw Job in 1997. It was suppose to be a big time main event match between Jeff Hardy vs. Sting for the TNA World Title. The match started off normal with a tie up but after one minute and thirty seconds into the match Sting hit the Scorpion Death drop and won the match.

A lot of people are speculating that Sting didn’t want to wrestle a long match. I am sure he would have liked to wrestling more then two minutes. It’s simple folks, Jeff Hardy is throwing his life away. It’s been reported that he has been showing up high and drunk to shows on a regular basis.

I just don’t blame Jeff Hardy, I also blame TNA management and their writers for allowing him to even go out to the ring. All I can say is congratulations to Jeff Hardy, for throwing away any credibility that TNA had or may have had in the future. TNA isn’t like WCW, it’s actually becoming worst then what WCW was.

The fans started chanting “bullshit” at the end and Sting replied with, “I agree.” Sting didn’t look happy and I am asking the question to Sting, are you happy you went back to TNA now? WWE would never allow anything like this to happen unless it was Vince McMahon’s doing. The sad thing is, it was a pretty solid PPV until that moment but that match dropped the entire value of the PPV.

I will be curious to see the aftermath of all of this because quite frankly none of these wrestling news websites really have any idea what went on last night. It’s only speculation but something tells me Jeff Hardy decided to take his ball and go home and to give up. Lastly, if this was a planned angle, then it’s a very poorly planned angle because TNA Wrestling just lost a lot of fans and respect.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story because I am sure we will be hearing more about for days to come.

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  1. Hardy does need to be let go. TNA Managment needs to take a stand on Hardy and his issues. It will make TNA more respectable for not putting up with the crap.

    Eric Bischoff folks has NOTHING to do w/ Creative at all, so why does he need to …be fired? I agree Crative needs to be shaken up, heck I've got a lot better ideas than TNA Creative has produced in the last…. well ever….

    TNA is in a bad slump, they are a decent company but they need something to rocket them up to a number 2 style company cause they look like an indy company a lot of times.

    iMPACT on the road was GREAT!! They need to do that more often. TNA needs to take the number of PPV's from 12 to about 6. Cut cost on them and able them to take iMPACT on the road more. With the economy folks aren't going to pay $40.00 for a PPV every week.

    TNA needs to keep there TAG TEAMS TOGETHER!!! That is something WWE does not have and makes TNA better than WWE. INK Inc, Beer Money, MCM, Gen Me, etc are GREAT Tag Teams and should be kept together.

    They need to take that stupid Hardy World Title away and bring back the TNA World Title, stop the stupid storylines like Jarret/Karen wedding/honeymoon junk. They Jersy Shore rip off stuff is pathedic. I don't like the real show much less rip off crap in Wrestling. Get back to WRESTLING. TNA is becoming TALK WRESTLING (like wCw was under the Russo Era and WWE is.)

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