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UFC buys Strikeforce

Last night I was very shocked to hear that UFC’s parent company Zuffa had bought Strikeforce. I really didn’t see this coming just yet but UFC has become the WWE of MMA. Let’s think about this for a second. Look at all the fighters the UFC can use when Strikeforce’s contract is up with showtime. Here are some of the fighters that Strikeforce has that have been or should be in the UFC.

-Alistair Overeem
-Dan Henderson
-Nick Diaz (Dana White said he would never bring him back but you never know)
-Gilbert Melendez
-Chad Griggs
-Antonio Silva
-Jason Miller
-Renato Sobral
-Fabricio Werdum
-Herschel Walker
-Brett Rogers
-Josh Barnett
-Robbie Lawler
-Andrei Arlovski
-Bobby Lashley
-Matt Lindland
-Paul Daley(Another fighter Dana said he would never bring back but never say never)
-Bryan Travers

Now do I think UFC would bring all of those fighters in? No but then again the UFC proved us wrong by bringing a lot of the Pride and WEC fighters over. The big question is what is Fedor Emelianenko going to do when his contract with Strikeforce runs out. He tried working out with deals with Dana in the past but now he might not have choice.

The UFC in my opinion is still booming where as pro wrestling is not and boxing is a dying sport. The UFC is smart in the fact they know how to market their fighters, their brands, and everything else they do. Stay tuned for more on this story and how it pans out.

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