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Wes Leonard Tragedy Garners National Attention

It’s not very often where I get write about something like this. In fact it saddens me that I have to write about this. On Thursday night, Wes Leonard hit the game winning shot for Fennville High School to complete an undefeated regular season. Wes Leonard was a two sport athlete who excelled at football and basketball.

It is being discovered now that Wes Leonard passed away from an enlarged heart which often times go unnoticed. There a lot of different ways an enlarged heart can happen but that’s besides the point. The point is that a young kid who had a bright future and that was positive towards everyone is gone. I can understand what the community of Fennville is going through because the Wayland community had a tragedy two months ago that took the life of someone that everyone loved and respected.

I took some time to Google Wes Leonard this morning and I could not believe the amount of coverage that this story is getting. It’s been covered by ABC, CBS, Yahoo, and it’s been on ESPN the last two days. No matter if its local or national, it seems like every media outlet is talking about how great this kid was and just how many people loved him. Fennville is suppose to start their play off run this week but it’s still unclear whether or not they will play. If they do they will be playing with heavy hearts but at the same time will play with every bit of emotion they have in them.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Leonard family, his friends, and the Fennville Community.

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