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Kurt Angle Back to the Olympics?

Last night I was reading an interview with Kurt Angle and in that interview he stated he would like to compete in the Olympics again next year. He said he was trying to prove a point that you can still do things in your 40s and the forty is still young. As we all know Kurt Angle was a gold medal in 1996 at Atlanta with a broken neck. He’s revered as one of the greatest mat wrestlers of all time.

Think about it from this aspect. If Kurt Angle were to compete in the Olympics while he was in TNA, it would give them so much publicity that it might actually help the company. Kurt Angle’s achievements are endless in wrestling. They include:

-USA Junior Freestyle Champion (1987)
-USA Senior Freestyle Champion (1995, 1996)
-FILA Junior World Freestyle Champion (1988)
-FILA World Freestyle Champion (1995)
-NCAA Division I All-American (1990–1992)
-NCAA Division I Champion (1990, 1992)
-NCAA Division I runner-up (1991)
-Pennsylvania State Wrestling Champion (1987)

So as you can see from the time he was a young kid he has been dominating in Amateur wrestling. You can see how great of a wrestler he is because it translates to how good he is in the professional wrestling ring. I personally would love to see Kurt back in the Olympics because he’s defined what amateur wrestling is all about in this country. It shall remained to be seen if Kurt Angle can compete once again but if he does, I will be looking forward to it.

In other Kurt Angle news, he will be starring in a movie called Warrior as the character Koba. The movie is scheduled to be released September 9th. Be sure to check it out.

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