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Manny Ramirez Retires

I wanted to wait a few days before I wrote about this because it’s got a lot of people talking and I wanted to hear what others said before I wrote about it. I’d like to first say that I feel bad for the Tampa Bay Rays who were counting on his bat and his clutch hitting the he once had. I know they didn’t sign him for a lot of money but they took a chance on him anyways.

He tested positive a second time for P.E.D’s. He would have been suspended 100 games and the season would have been a waste. He had some great numbers over his career but now that this has happened the chances of him being in the Hall of Fame just went from likely to highly unlikely.

I have never been a big Manny fan especially with some of the antics he’s pulled over the years. All in all I will say this, I had a lot of respect for Manny when he played for the Red Sox and helped them win two World Series titles. After that I never saw much use for him. He was a distraction and a clown towards the end of his career.

Thank you Manny for the clutch hits, the memories but most importantly thank you for the laughs at all the dumb things you did during your career. Enjoy retirement Manny, hopefully you don’t screw that up as well.

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