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Thoughts on WWE Tough Enough Episodes 1 and 2

The re-debut of WWE’s Tough Enough took place last week and already in the first two weeks it has been intense. The first week Ariane was eliminated due to her lack of passion and knowledge about WWE. She said her favorite match was Alicia Fox vs. Melina and Stone Cold hated that and sent her packing.

In the second episode one of their drills was to overcome their fears and by that they were chased down by attack dogs. These dogs were vicious but not as vicious as Bill Demott. Bill Demott gave each contestant 5 body slams after giving them a clothesline them in the corner. Each contestant showed a lot of heart and toughness. In the end it was Matt Capiccioni (M-Dogg 20) who got eliminated for not stepping up and showing his poise and personality that has made him a star in the indy’s.

I think it’s going to be a crazy season. I am really looking forward to seeing how everyone does and if people get contracts who don’t win. All I got to say is even if you’re not a wrestling fan, you should watch the show because it’s about as real as it gets. Tune in Monday nights for WWE Tough Enough at 8pm on USA.

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