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2011 NBA Draft Lottery Results

Last night the NBA Draft Lottery was held to see who would picking number one in this years draft. Well all I got to say is surprise, surprise look at who it is. Here are the results from the lottery drawing last night.

1. Cleveland (from L.A. Clippers) .232
2. Minnesota .207
3. Utah (from New Jersey) .476
4. Cleveland .232
5. Toronto .268
6. Washington .280
7. Sacramento .293
8. Detroit .366
9. Charlotte .415
10. Milwaukee .427
11. Golden State .439
12. Utah .476
13. Phoenix .488
14. Houston .524

Cleveland is going to be strutting it’s stuff in this years draft and they will finally have some talent coming tot he team. Utah got a really good break too considering they have a decent team in-front of them. It should be interesting to what happens in this years draft. There is a lot of great talent on there so tune in to find out.

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