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Justin Verlander Throws His 2nd No Hitter

On June 12 2007 when Justin Verlander threw his first no hitter against the Milwaukee Brewers I had a feeling it wouldn’t be his last. On that he struck-out twelve and walked four. Yesterday Verlander entered the game against the Blue Jays with a 2-3 record and has struggled at times already this year. Justin Verlander looked like the pitcher from 2006 when the Tigers went to the World Series and the guy who dominated in 2009. He is only 28 years old and here are just some of his highlights so far in his career:

-American League Rookie of the Year (2006)
-3 time All-Star selection (2007, 2009, 2010)
-Led AL in strikeouts (269), innings pitched (240), tied AL lead in wins (19) in 2009

This guy is something special. He’s one of only 20 pitchers who has even thrown 2 or more no hitters. That’s something special considering there have been 271 no hitters thrown. A lot of people might say well if it weren’t for one walk he would have had a perfect game. That is true but as I said only 20 pitchers in the history of Major League Baseball have thrown multiple no hitters.

I truly believe again that this is not the last no hitter we have seen from Verlander. As a Tiger fan I am hoping this will be the turning point of the season and we will make a run towards the playoffs again. Congratulations to Justin Verlander for throwing another no hitter.

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