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An NBA Lockout Coming?

Right now we are in the midst of an NFL lockout which doesn’t seem to want to get resolved. Now it’s drawing even closer to the day when the NBA is going to have a lockout. The current collective bargaining agreement ends in July and just like the NFL they haven’t come up with a new one.

The reports coming out are that the players aren’t happy. You’re making millions of dollars and you’re not happy? These athletes are kidding ridiculous and don’t realize how good they got it. The average American is struggling and they are complaining about a few million dollars. I think the way sports are ran needs to be restructured.

The average American gets a raise at a normal job based on performance. All athletes should get paid based on performance then whatever they get in endorsement deals they keep. Each year the team should set goals for each player based on their capabilities as in athlete. If you make your goals, you get good money. If you are short on your goals you make less money. If you are over on your goals you make more money.

In my humble opinion players of the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA should all have to earn the money they make by having performance goals. One of the reasons I love golf, bowling and sports of that nature are because they have to earn the money they make. You never ever see a bowler or golfer who finishes last make a million dollars.

How crappy would it be if there was no NBA or NFL season next year? We all need to start thinking about this stuff and either A. Boycott the games or B. Start writing the teams you support. We as sports fans need to start taking a stand and making our voices heard.

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