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TNA Wrestling Renamed Impact Wrestling?

Last night was a night full of surprises for any of those who watched TNA Impact. First it started with the return of Chris Harris who hasn’t been in TNA in over four years. He was introduced as Matt Hardy’s mystery partner for their match against Beer Money at Sacrifice.

Mick Foley was revealed as the network representative and said that the show was no longer called TNA Impact, it would be called Impact Wrestling. My question that I have on my mind would is the company now called Impact Wresting, or just the TV show? Because on their website it’s still referred to as TNA. The motto of this Impact Wrestling is “Wrestling Matters Here.” I think this a counter move to WWE taking wrestling out of their name.

The words pro wrestling don’t get thrown around on TV anymore but I think this might be TNA’s last ditch effort to try and make something happen with the company. There is no doubt in my mind that TNA has the talent to have a great wrestling company but there is no structure, not solid storylines except the Jarrett-Angle one and there’s no balance.

The other big shocker of the night was the return of former WWE Attitude star Chyna. She will be teaming with Kurt Angle to take on Jeff and Karen Jarrett in a mixed tag match. Chyna has not been in TV since 2001 I believe and it’s great to see.

TNA Sacrifice is this Sunday. I would stay tuned to see how far this Impact Wrestling thing is going to go. Will it indeed make an impact or will it be an epic fail? Only time will tell.

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