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Turmoil with the Yankees

A lot has been going on with the New York Yankees over the last few days. Jorge Posada’s refusal to bat ninth has been blown into a huge ordeal in New York. He actually took himself out of the lineup and asked to be released. Now in comes the captain Derek Jeter who is not at all happy with what’s going on and made some remarks to reporters that Yankee officials were not happy with.

Right now Posada is a lousy .165 and he felt disrespected by being put in the lineup at ninth. He should consider himself lucky for being in the lineup at all. I know if I was a GM or Manager I would sit him down, send him to AAA or release him if that’s what he really asked for.

New York has now last 6 games in a row and there seems to be some division between players, managers and upper management on the Posada ordeal as well as other issues with the team. It could be a very long season for the Yankees if they don’t get it together. They are trailing the Rays in their division and that’s not a team you want to be losing to as hot as they are.

Can New York survive this drama or will the turmoil be too much for the Bronx Bombers to handle? Stay tuned to find out.

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