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What Should the Lakers Do?

After yesterdays devastating lost that led them to get swept by the Mavericks a lot of people are asking what should the Lakers do? The first thing they should do is get rid of Andrew Bynum after that cheap shot he laid on J.J. Barrea in the fourth quarter. I also think Lamar Odom and Ron Artest have worn out their welcome in L.A. because they are causing more problems then they are benefiting the team. I’ve been hearing Dwight Howard’s name a lot in rumors of him possibly going to the Lakers at some point. If Dwight Howard went to the Lakers it would be very hard to stop them. Kobe Bryant needs a dominant big man that’s not going to bring any drama and who knows his place on the team.

It is ever so apparent that Phil Jackson is retired so now they need to a new coach. A lot of people are looking at Lakers assistant Brian Shaw. He was a Laker as a player and has a close relationship with Kobe Bryant. I honestly think Shaw will be the next head coach unless he turns it down which I doubt he would.There a lot of questions surrounding the Lakers right now and not a lot of answers. The beat down they received yesterday was one of the worst in franchise history and they were poor sports in their losing effort.

For Lakers fans, don’t worry your team will be back but I don’t think it’s going to be anytime soon. They need to rebuild the entire team and get rid of the clowns and crybabies on the team. Can the Lakers comeback strong next year or will it be a few years before they reach the promise land? Stay tuned because it could be a very interesting summer.

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