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Capitol City Cage Fighting Championship: June 18, 2011 Results

This past Saturday night in Lansing Michigan, Ron DeLeon Promotions had another Capitol City Cage Fight Championship show that featured six title fights. It was an action packed night with a lot of exciting fight

Fight one: Alex Stutzky vs. Dave Vansuilcom
Stutzky by rear naked choke for his first MMA victory.

Fight two: Josh Robinson vs. Brent Letts
Robinson wins by rear naked choke 51 seconds into round one.

Fight three: Rex Terpstra vs. Austin Brown
Terpstra ends this fight with a crushing Muay Thai knee to the solar plexus dropping Brown to the mat and forcing the referee to stop the fight due to strikes. Rex Terpstra gets his first ever MMA win.

Fight four: Jarrod Bolan vs. Logan Augustine
Augustine wins as Bolan cannot answer the bell for the second round due to an apparent injury to his arm.

Fight five: Nancy Churches vs. Jamie Colby
Churches wins as Colby cannot answer the bell for round two giving Nancy Churches her first win in MMA.

Fight six: Bruce Merrill vs. Shawn Saville

Merrill wins as the ref stops the bout due to strikes at 1:03 of the first round.

Fight seven: Shannon Tiffany vs. Rey Reynero
In the most shocking end to a fight of this event, Rey Reynero drops his opponent with a crushing overhand right and ends this fight at FIVE seconds into the first round!!

Fight eight: Theresa Sass vs. Yolanda Gonzalez
One of the better fights of the night as Sass and Gonzalez go the distance. Yolanda Gonzalez gets the nod from the judges and wins by Split Decision.

Fight nine: Thomas Rzanca vs. Jack Ho
Jack Ho ends this bout in devastating fashion with a flurry of punches. The referee stops the bout at 15 seconds of the very first round.

Fight ten: Steve Poindexter vs. Ben Harris
Poindexter finishes Harris off at 2:52 of the first round with a rear naked choke.

Fight eleven: Travis Schoonmaker vs. Tyler Sible
This bout ends quickly and lethally as Schoonmaker drops Sible with head kick 12 seconds into round one!

Fight twelve: CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE FIGHT (170lb)Billy Ward vs. Matt Swanson for Ward’s CCCFC 170 lb. title

Ward retains his 170 lb. title ending the fight via rear naked choke at 1:56 of round one.

Fight thirteen: CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE FIGHT (135lb.)Clint Crabtree vs. Kris Brown This bout is for the vacant 135 lb. CCCFC championship.
Former 135 lb. CCCFC Champion, James Gray had vacated the title when he moved up to fight as a professional. Crabtree wins this fight and becomes the new 135 lb. CCCFC champion winning by rear naked choke at 2:06 of round one.

Fight fourteen: CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE FIGHT (185lb.)Kris Lusch vs. George Allen for Lusch’s CCFC 185lb title.
Lusch dominates en route to a win in the second round via rear naked choke defending the CCCFC 185lb championship belt.

Fight fifteen: CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE FIGHT (125lb.) Jen “Tink” Aniano vs. Kathleen Albany. This bout is for the vacant 125 lb. CCCFC Women’s Championship.
In the most emotional moment of the night by far, Jen Aniano stops Albany in the second round via strikes, winning the CCCFC 125 ln Women’s Championship. Jen Aniano dedicates her victory to her fallen teammate from Lightning Kicks, Kalamazoo Police Officer Eric (EZ) Zapata. Officer Zapata was killed in the line of duty in April of this year.

Fight sixteen: CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE FIGHT (145 lb.)-Rich Williams vs. Kory Wertz This bout is for the vacant 145 lb. CCFC Championship.
Former 145 lb. titleholder Ben Sutton had vacated this title to move to his natural weight class. In one of the most hotly contested events of the evening, a five round war goes to the judge’s score cards. Rich Williams prevails and wins the 145 lb. CCCFC Championship by unanimous decision.

Fight seventeen: CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE FIGHT (155lb.)- James “The Ninja Bunny of Doom” Carrow vs. Coty Marcoux for the CCCFC 155lb. Championship.
Carrow and Marcoux go to round three of this fight as Carrow controls the fight from beginning to end. He finishes off Marcoux via head triangle at :44 seconds of round number three becoming the new CCCFC 155 lb. champion.

The next Capitol City Cage Fighting Championship is scheduled to be held at The Lansing Center on August 13, 2011. Ron DeLeon Promotions has been in business since 1999 and has done a wide range of sporting events in the Lansing area. Be sure sure to check back for the next card for CCCFC.

Results sent by Ron DeLeon and Marc Oppenheimer

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