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Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior Feuding 20 Years Later

I’ve sat back over the last few weeks and watched and read all the stuff going on between Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. This is all started when Warrior took offense to Hogan claiming to be Randy Savage’s friend after Savage passed away. It’s been widely reported that Randy and Hulk buried the hatchet a couple of years ago. Warrior also took exception to Hogan’s hour long video with The Voice.

Warrior released his own video called Karma Collects, and it was an hour long shoot interview on Hulk Hogan. He made a lot of powerful statements and some would say powerful accusations. A lot of people are looking at Hulk Hogan different now since these videos have been released. I who have prided myself on being a Hulkamaniac question some of these things now because Warrior was around Hogan for many years and traveled with him.

There have been rumors that Ultimate Warrior was going to head to TNA Impact Wrestling to feud with Hogan on TV. The only thing I am going to say about that is, you two had your moment to shine on April 1st 1990 in the Skydome. You embarrassed yourselves 8 years later at Halloween Havoc. I personally think both men should get out of the spotlight and take their personal issues with each other out of wrestling. I always say that the best storylines in wrestling are the ones based off real life issues. You two morons aren’t making any money doing what you’re doing now. If you’re going to feud, feud for the whole world to see not on twitter, not on YouTube, and not on the internet. Sign on a contract and put it on Pay-Per-View, and call it The Ultimate Challenge Part 2. You two can have one final big payday and ride off into the sunset with your old bodies intact.

I remember back in 2005 when WWE put out The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD. The weird thing is Hogan is the only one who had anything good to say about The Ultimate Warrior so the question now is, who is working who? Stay tuned for more because I am sure this is far from over.

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