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Interview with BAM

On June 12th 2011 Byron Marsh made his return to the pro wrestling scene in Michigan after a three year hiatus. He wrestled for Price of Glory Wrestling in Coldwater Michigan and defeated Sue Jackson. Before his hiatus he accomplished some great things in his life as a pro wrestler in Michigan. He was the second man to hold the POG Heavyweight Championship and was in the first ever POG Glorified Tournament and took on Sharkboy in the first round. He even wrestled ROH standout Jimmy Jacobs who is one of the top indy stars in Michigan, if not the country. I caught up with BAM to get his thought on the past, the present, the future and this is what I got.

Q: What are your first memories of wrestling as a fan?
A: My first memory of wrestling is flipping thru the channels I caught Stone Cold holding Vince McMahon hostage, it caught my attention then I started watching the episode and was drawn to the performance. I remember every time my Dad would walk into the room I would change the channel as I was embarrassed and thought he would make fun of me for watching, but from that moment I was tuning in every time I could.

Q: What made you want to be a professional wrestler?

A: I wanted to be in front of the crowd I wanted to hear cheers and to prove to everyone who told me I couldn’t that I could, to this day I still get butterflies when I hit the curtain

Q: What was your experience like training with Dan Severn?

A: Intimidating at first…I was nervous, excited. Once I got there and met him it was very comforting very nice guy, humble very tell it like it is, I am glad that I chose to go and train there, I checked out many wrestling schools and decided upon Michigan Sports Camps (MSC).

Q: What are your first memories of being in pro wrestling on the Michigan scene?
A: I was sitting in a locker room preparing to referee the show, then I hear someone needing a fill in for a tag team match I had some gear with me so I raised my hand and was in the match.

Q: During your first run as a wrestler, what was your most memorable match?
A: My most memorable match ironically is one I have no memory at all of, BAM vs. Johnny Dynamo. We literally knocked each other out I have no memory of that match other than what I have seen on video, at the opening bell he hit me with a slap and I was out on my feet, then I returned the favor and put him out, I remember starting the match and then next thing I remember I am sitting on my couch in Kalamazoo.

Q: What was the idea behind Hypknow?
A: Work I wanted to wrestle as much as I possibly could and so I created the gimmick of Hypknow I would wear my BAM tights underneath the Hypknow gear when I was done as Hypknow I would go and take the pants and mask off and head right back out there.

Q: Any road stories you want to share?
A: There was this time when myself, Adam “Noah Lott” Johnson and Andrew “Big Andrewski” Horton were traveling to MSC, we got onto the highway via the Sprinkle Road on ramp we got onto the highway and it was empty not one car, every on ramp we passed was barricaded by cops, fire trucks, ambulances, guns drawn….we didn’t know what the hell was going on, just that we were making great time. We traveled probably 30-40 miles just us and the road when all of a sudden there was red and blues behind us pulling us over, we couldn’t figure out what the hell we did wrong, Adam was driving, he wasn’t speeding, Andrewski actually was sticking his ass to the window, so no one was in the wrong. The officer took all of our ID’s went back to his car and sat about 15 minutes, then all of a sudden a whole slew of cars came flying by, the cop returned and gave us our ID’s and said we were free to go…we asked him what was it all about, to which he replied, President George Bush and his motorcade was on their way out of Michigan there wasn’t supposed to be anyone on the highway, he asked us how we got onto the highway , we told him and I can only imagine that cop working that area got his ass chewed.

Q: If you wrestle any legend who would it be?
A: Rob Van Dam I don’t know what it is about him but every time he is one TV I always finding myself glued to the TV.

Q:Now were going to name association. I’m going to give you a name and I want you to describe them in a sentence.
Johnny Dynamo: Friend
Jayson Quick: Phenomenal high flyer (by the way it’s now just “QUICK”)
Dan Severn: The Beast!
Noah Lott: Dedicated
Rob Van Dam: Talent

Q:If you could choose to wrestle between ROH, TNA and WWE which one would you choose and why?
A: WWE would have to be my choice, I’m not a huge fan of their product but how can you argue with a company that has been so successful for so long…you make it big there you become a household name.

Q: After a three year hiatus, what made you decide to come back to pro wrestling on the Michigan scene?

A: My kids, they have been watching my DVD’s more and more and when I see their faces light up when I come out on the TV I had to see it live and seeing it live was one of the top moments in my life.

Q: Is there anyone that you would like to wrestle from your first run again?
A: I always enjoyed wrestling Dynamo he’s a good friend, always had fun matches we work well with one another and always entertain the crowd.

Q: Who would you like to wrestle that you haven’t you wrestled yet?
A: There isn’t anyone that I can single out, I am always looking forward to wrestling new faces and seeing what kind of chemistry can be made.

Q: What can we expect from BAM in the future?

A: There isn’t much to be expected I am limiting my time in the ring to once, MAYBE, twice a month if the right opportunities present themselves…I love wrestling and entertaining, but at the same time on the independent level we aint getting paid big bucks, I’ve got a family to tend to and support which is why I can’t see myself being on the road every weekend like I used to do, even though those times were lots of fun, with the cost of gas I can’t afford to fill my tank every week and still put food on the table. The time I get with my kids during the week is very limited with my job and the time on the weekends have been limited up till now, as I have been working 6-7 days a week for the past 4 years, I now have opportunities to be with my family on the weekends and I am going to cherish that time. Who knows maybe something will come from my one day a month matches and maybe it’ll be nothing more than a night of entertaining the fans and performing doing what I love to do.

Whatever the future holds for BAM, it’s going to be a good one. He is very talented and knows how to entertain a crowd. If you want to go Slam 4 Slam with the man they call BAM, check his page out out on Facbook You’ll find pictures, stories and where he is wrestling next. Are you ready to go Slam 4 Slam?

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