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Thoughts on CM Punk’s “Shoot” on 6/27/2011

Last night I sat down to watch a typical episode of Monday Night Raw. It had a few cool moments like seeing Shawn Michaels and Diamond Dallas Page. However, no one could have expected what CM Punk was going to say and how he came off. Here is what CM Punk let the whole world know last night.

I thought it was ironic that CM Punk was wearing a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt because it felt like it was an Austin 3:16 moment. The only difference is Austin used it to help and build his career while CM Punk used to lash out at everyone who held him down. I’ve always liked CM Punk’s ring work but WWE does one thing that TNA, and ROH doesn’t, that is destroy talent and molds them into a WWE Superstar. There are guys like Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal), and Bryan Danielson that don’t get to show their true abilities that showed before they got there because it’s not WWE’s way. CM Punk wants to be known as a pro wrestler and not an entertainer. As an old school fan I totally respect that.

Many are asking if this was a work or shoot promo. It it was a shoot what a way to go and leave your lasting impression on WWE fans. If it was a work, it was one of the best ones wrestling has seen in quite some time. No matter what it was I think CM Punk met every last word he said. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens on July 17th when CM Punk takes on John Cena for the WWE Championship in Chicago which is Punk’s home town.

I envision two things happening. The first scenario is that Punk wins and then someone cashes in Money in the Bank right afterwards. Number two, Punk loses and the arena and city riot. Chicago is known for diehard old school wrestling fans. If this indeed is CM Punk’s last night in WWE he will have a lasting impression on everyone. This situation could be better then the Montreal Screw job of 1997.

All I can say now is stay tune to find out whats going to happen.

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