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Thoughts on Wrestling Pay-Per-Views

Last week it was revealed that WWE’s Over the Limit pay-per-view was the lowest bought since the 2006 PPV December to Dismember. So the question is, what’s the problem with wrestling pay-per-views in general. Well that big problem is that sports bars, and streaming websites show them for free so why would anyone pay big money to watch a show when they can watch it for free?

The big problem with WWE is everyone is getting tired of the same old thing. They don’t do anything to hype their pay-per-views. Matches are thrown together with a lack of buildup. I think the reason UFC pay-per-views have been so successful is because of their programs leading up to it that have the fighters talking trash and training for their fights.

The problem with TNA Impact Wrestling is that they are still only the alternative, not the competitive like WCW once was. However TNA is doing some smart things like having Destination X be all about the X Division and Hardcore Justice where it’s all about blood, guts, and weapons. However TNA PPV’s are not shown at sports bars like WWE PPV’s are. I have no doubt in my mind a lot of people watch both companies PPV’s but they are either doing so in-front of their computer or at a Buffalo Wild Wings somewhere.

I personally think WCW and WWE killed the pay-per-view market years ago when they each were holding 12-13 pay-per-views a year. People got sick of buying shows and watching the same thing month after month. Nothing innovative has been done in a long time except some minor things TNA has done.

The one solution to getting buys back up is having pay-per-views on Saturdays instead of Sundays but make sure you schedule around the UFC shows because UFC would beat out TNA and WWE any day of the week now. People don’t have to get up and go to work on Sundays. I think both companies should go that route for a year and see what happens. That’s the only solution I can think of but until then I believe PPV buys are going to continue to drop.

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