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NBA Players to Europe?

With the NFL lockout finally coming to and end, much of the media attention will focus on the current NBA lockout. As you know a deal is far away from being done but the players are already talking. The first player to step up and talk was Deron Williams who did in fact say that he will go to Europe and play if their is no NBA season this coming fall.

The biggest thing I heard was that Kobe Bryant is is negotiations with a Turkish basketball team. If Kobe went to a foreign team that would kill the NBA’s reputation. He is the NBA’s biggest star but according to sources, he is the most recognized star in China after Yao Ming. I honestly think if Kobe went, a lot of others would follow including ones who probably said they wouldn’t go at first.

I feel that same way I do about this lockout that I did about the NFL lockout. Why do athletes and owners have to be so greedy? The average American struggle just stay afloat and it’s these same Americans that pay money to watch you play. The biggest difference between the NBA and NFL is the NBA has less of a timeline to get a deal done that the NFL did.

I honestly think at this point we will not see an NBA season and that you will see Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant and others will be playing in Europe. If this happens, the NBA could be in serious jeopardy as a whole. Only time will to see if a deal gets done and we see basketball this fall.

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