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Is the NFL Becoming Too Soft?

With the NFL season on the horizon and with all the the rule changes it will be interesting to see how the new rule changes will effect the game. Here are some of the rule changes that have taken place during the offseason.

– They were Changes made in regards to the kickoffs to limit injuries. The first is kickoffs will be moved from the 30 yard line back up to the 35 yard line, changing the rule from 1994. Also players on the kickoff coverage team can not line up more than 5 yards behind the kickoff line, which will minimize running starts and helping reduce the speed of collisions.

-All of the replay reviews of questionable scoring plays during the entire game can now be initiated by a replay booth official at anytime. Coaches will no longer have to use one of their red flag challenges if a questionable scoring play occurs outside of the two-minute warning

-Hits to the head of the quarterback by an opponent’s hands, arms or other parts of the body will not be penalties unless they are obvious forcible blows, which changed the existing rule that any contact to the quarterbacks head, no matter what the reason was, was penalized as a personal foul (15 yards).

-Players will be not allowed to do a launching maneuver to level a defenseless player, and will not be allowed to forcibly hit the neck or head area with any part of their body regardless of whether the defensive player also uses his arms to tackle the offensive player by wrapping him up, and lowering the head to make forcible contact with the top or forehead parts of the helmet against any part of the offensive player’s body. Any player who breaks this rule will be penalized 15 yards for unnecessary roughness and will be ejected from the game if the contact is obviously flagrant.

With these new rules in place, it definitely favors the offense. The way I see it you mine as well as take the defense out of football and make it flag football. I have a feeling a lot of these rules are changing because of all the lawsuits against the NFL from former players due to concussions. As far as I am concerned, players past and present have no case to sue the NFL because they knew full well that the sport they were getting into was brutal.

We will see how defenses like the Lions, and Steelers who have headhunters are their teams respond to these rule changes. I have a feeling you’re going to see a lot of fines and ejections this year so stay tuned for more on this very touchy subject.

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