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Summerslam 2011 Predictions

Summerslam is this coming Sunday and the card is pretty solid so far but there is one match that I want to focus on and that’s the match everyone is talking about. John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Undisputed Championship. A new twist was thrown into the mix on Raw which turned into Triple H naming himself the special guest referee. I see two scenarios happening at Summerslam.

Scenario one: CM Punk wins the match thus becoming the Undisputed WWE Champion. However after the match he gives Triple H the GTS setting up a match between the two at WWE Night of Champions in September. This would make sense because in my eyes I view Punk-HHH as a new version of Austin-McMahon.

Scenario two: Even the Punk-HHH thing can be played out in this scenario. The other scenario sees Triple H screwing CM Punk of his title and help Cena regain the title. Now if Cena wins the title it could go two ways. Cena could align himself with HHH like the Rock did and form a new Corporation stable or Cena is upset with the help and it turns into John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Triple H at Night of Champions.

You maybe asking why I am bringing up Triple H and Night of Champions? The latest issue of WWE Magazine has strongly hinted that The Game will make his in-ring return at the PPV. These two scenario’s are the only two that make sense. If it were me I would go with scenario one just because if CM Punk loses the title it will kill all the momentum they built with this storyline. Plus if you think about it, a match with Triple for the title could really put Punk at the next level. Only time will to see what happens with this volatile situation.

There are three other matches announced for Sunday and they are:

-Christian (c) vs. Randy Orton:No Holds Barred match for the World Heavyweight Championship
-Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix: WWE Divas Championship
-Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

Tune in this Sunday to find out who will become the Undisputed WWE Championship! As the old and some often used WWE Motto says, “The World Will Be Watching.”

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