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2011 NFL Week 1 Recap

This week was a week of patriotism, shockers and blowouts. The first thing that happened this week was the Packers and Saints in a classic game that saw it come down to the very last play. Unfortunately for the Saints they ended up short of the goal-line allowing the defending champs to win the game.

Now if you want to talk about blowouts look no further then the Bills blowing out the Chiefs, Ravens blowing out the Steelers, and Texans blowing out the Colts. Not going to lie all three of them surprised me a lot. Now the biggest shocker was Cam Newton and his performance against the Cardinals.  His line was 24-37, 422 yds, 2 tds. People can say he played a weak defense but it was still and NFL defense in his first regular season game. Sorry I am impressed, I can’t help it if you’re not.

I really think the teams to watch for early on are the Patriots, Lions, Ravens and the defending champs. Teams that will be slumping this year will be the Chiefs, Colts, and Denver. On a final note, it was great to see the New York Jets win on 9/11 at home. That city needed an uplifting after the 10th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. Props to the Jets for coming back 14 points down in the 4th quarter to beat Dallas. God Bless America and those who lost their lives on 9/11 in the attacks and those who tried saving people that day.  A lot of great tributes this past weekend and here are just some of the ones players did:

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Lance Briggs’ gloves and cleats
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