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2011 NFL Week 3 Recap

Let me begin by congratulating Cam Newton on his first win in the NFL which will be one of many. He didn’t even have to throw 400 plus yards to do so. It’s funny, because everyone was hating on him last week for throwing 3 interceptions. Well Tom Brady threw four interceptions against Buffalo and is anyone hating on him? Probably not. Speaking of Buffalo they are not 3-0 with an upset win against Tom Brady’s Patriots.  So there is only a few undefeated teams and here is the list.

Buffalo Bills
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers

Okay so did anyone think the Bills and Lions would be one of three teams still undefeated? I don’t think anyone saw that coming at all. I really believe the Lions are for real. The Bills may have proved it by beating the Patriots this past weekend. Here are the teams without a win thus far.

Minnesota Vikings
Kansas City Chiefs
St. Louis Rams
Indianapolis Colts
Miami Dolphins
At this point nothing surprises me with the Chiefs, Vikings or Colts. I am surprised the talented St. Louis Rams have not won a game yet. They got some great players on that team but they need to find a way to bring it all together. The Dolphins are just flat out ridiculous. They have one of the best offenses on paper and they can’t score points to save their lives.

The thing I was impressed with the most this week is Tony Romo’s guts playing against a rival team in Washington and winning. Although his kicker scored all the points, it was great to see Romo out there giving it his all. Do I think it was smart? No. Do admire his courage? Yes.

Other then that, not much else happened this week except for another Vick injury but what else is new? I think we are starting realize who is going to be good, and who is going to struggle. Stay tuned for more. 

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