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2011 NFL Week 4 Recap

I am not even sure where to begin this week because there wasn’t an upsets. There were a lot of close games this week so I will give you the rundown of those games:

Detroit 34, Dallas 30
Chicago 34, Carolina 29
Cincinnati 23, Buffalo 20
Kansas City 22, Minnesota 17
San Francisco 24, Philadelphia 23
NY Giants 31, Arizona 27
Atlanta 30, Seattle 28

So as you can see it was quite the competative week in football. At the end of the week only 
two teams remained undefeated and they are both from the same division:

 Detroit Lions 
 Green Bay Packers

The Packers are picking up right where they left off last year and the Lions are not a joke anymore. I think it’s great to see the Lions doing so well. Now the comedians can pick on someone else like those who have not won a game yet. That list includes:

 Indianapolis Colts
 Minnesota Vikings

They say one man doesn’t make an entire team but that’s not the case in Indy. I really don’t think they would be 4-0 if they had Peyton Manning. However Curtis Painter looked really good this week and that’s a good sign for Colts fans. As far as the Vikings are concerned, they would be better off starting Christian Ponder. I am really starting to see why the Eagles and Redskins let McNabb go. He is unwilling to learn and try new things.  I hate to say it Vikings and Colts fans, but your teams are going to get some good draft picks in next years draft. 

Well that’s it for week four, it was definitely full of close scores.

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