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2011 NFL Week 5 Recap

What time is it? It’s Tebow time and time to review the week. The Quarterback controversy in Denver took an interesting turn this week as Tim Tebow replaced Kyle Orton as starting QB. Apparently Brady Quinn was too busy and didn’t want to play. In other parts of the country, the Panthers keep losing by little but somehow have a lot momentum. Cam Newton express just keeps on trucking. Eventually once they get the running game where it needs to be then all I got to say it watch out. The Dream Team is in a nightmare right now because they are 1-4. Not bad for that type of payroll. After the end of this week there are only two undefeated teams and they are:

Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers

Two teams in one division. The big question is will the both be 11-0 when they play each other? I believe both teams have a great shot at it. As for the teams that haven’t one yet, here you go:

Miami Dolphins

St. Louis Rams

Indianapolis Colts

All I got to say is Andrew Luck, welcome to the NFL next year. This is who you’re probably going to be playing for. Miami is just shocking, Rams are hurting without Jackson, and the Colts are Manning-less. They say no one player makes a team but that is further from the truth when it comes to the Colts. I think these three teams are in for a long year if they don’t get it together soon. 
Teams that are surprising me are Oakland, Buffalo, Washington, and San Francisco. Keep watching these teams because each of them could be playoff bound this year. Keep checking back for more weekly recaps and predictions. 

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