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2011 NFL Week 6 Predictions

We are almost to the halfway point to the season already and you know what the good, the bad and ugly is. A lot of tough games to pick this week but here are my four for the week:

San Francisco 49ers (4-1) at Detroit Lions (5-0)

Both teams are hot right now and both have shocking results that no one saw coming. San Fransico is looking really good but because the game is at Ford Field I think the Lions will win this game. They fans in my opinion had a huge hand in helping them win against Chicago. I think this week we will see the same results and the Lions will be 6-0 for the first time in 55 years. 

Buffalo Bills (4-1) at New York Giants (3-2)

The Giants have bad their up’s and down’s this year but still have a decent team in front of them. Buffalo has just captured a lot of people’s attention with how well they are doing. I think this is a good test for the Bills in which I believe they will pass. The Bills are on fire right now and I don’t look for that stop anytime soon. 

Houston Texans (3-2) at Baltimore Ravens (3-1)

The Houston Texans technically have a winning record and have a good team but are loaded with injuries. The Ravens have been great this year and I believe because of the Texans injuries, the Ravens will win this game. I will say that I don’t think Houston will go down without a fight because they usually are difficult for anyone to play. 

New Orleans Saints (4-1) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2)

Nothing like a great division rivalry. The Bucs have a great young team but it’s because of that lack of experience that they are inconsistent and haven’t produced the results they are capable of producing. Hands down the Saints win on the road. 
A new feature has been added to the weekly predictions and that would be betting lines for the NFL each week. All betting lines are from and features what each casino is doing. I hope you you enjoy.

National Football League
Time Caesars
Oct. 16 St. Louis
10 a.m.  at Green Bay
Favorite GNB GNB GNB
Point spread -15 -15 -15
Total 48o/u 48o/u 48o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 16 Jacksonville
10 a.m.  at Pittsburgh
Favorite PIT PIT PIT
Point spread -12 -12 -12
Total 40o/u 40o/u 40o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 16 Philadelphia
10 a.m.  at Washington
Favorite PHI PHI PHI
Point spread -1 -1 -1
Total 47½o/u 47½o/u 47½o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 16 San Francisco
10 a.m.  at Detroit
Favorite DET DET DET
Point spread -4½ -4½ -4½
Total 46½o/u 46½o/u 46½o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 16 Carolina
10 a.m.  at Atlanta
Favorite ATL ATL ATL
Point spread -4 -4 -4½
Total 51o/u 51o/u 51o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 16 Indianapolis
10 a.m.  at Cincinnati
Favorite CIN CIN CIN
Point spread -7 -7 -7
Total 40½o/u 40½o/u 40½o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 16 Buffalo
10 a.m.  at N.Y. Giants
Favorite NYG NYG NYG
Point spread -3½ -3 -3½
Total 50½o/u 50½o/u 50½o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 16 Houston
1:05 p.m.  at Baltimore
Favorite BAL BAL BAL
Point spread -7½ -7 -7½
Total 44½o/u 44½o/u 45o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 16 Cleveland
1:05 p.m.  at Oakland
Favorite OAK OAK OAK
Point spread -6½ -6½ -6
Total 44½o/u 44½o/u 44½o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 16 Dallas
1:15 p.m.  at New England
Favorite NWE NWE NWE
Point spread -7 -7 -7
Total 55o/u 54½o/u 55o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 16 New Orleans
1:15 p.m.  at Tampa Bay
Favorite NOR NOR NOR
Point spread -4½ -4½ -4½
Total 49½o/u 49½o/u 50o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 16 Minnesota
5:30 p.m.  at Chicago
Favorite CHI CHI CHI
Point spread -3 -3 -3
Total 42½o/u 41½o/u 42½o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 17 Miami
5:35 p.m.  at N.Y. Jets
Favorite NYJ NYJ NYJ
Point spread -7 -7 -8
Total 43o/u 43o/u 42o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110

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