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2011 NFL Week 6 Recap

The big news of the week was Schwartz vs. Harbaugh and the infamous handshake. The 49ers handed the Lions their first lost of the season. Many people consider that an upset but I don’t think it was. In fact there really wasn’t any upsets all this week.  It was pretty much a cut and dry week in the NFL however at the end of the week there is only one team left undefeated and that would be the defending Super Bowl Champions,  the Green Bay Packers. They are still the team to beat in the NFL and at this rate they might win another Super Bowl.

There are still a few teams with out a win which are the Rams, Dolphins, and Colts. All three teams have a tons of issues right now and it looks if Andrew Luck enters the draft next year he will find himself on one of these teams. It’s hard to fathom how Miami could be so bad because they have plenty of talent on their roster.

Like I said not much of a newsworthy week in the NFL except two coaches not liking each other and taking the attention away from their teams. Just think of what might happen if they face each other in the playoffs. I will leave you to ponder that thought.

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