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2011 NFL Week 7 Predictions

This week is a tough one because most teams have .500 records and the below .500 are playing the above .500 and its tough to choose games this weeks. At any rate here we go with my four matchup’s of the week.

Atlanta Falcons (3-3) at Detroit Lions (5-1)

The Falcons were a heavy favorite going into this year but have lacked in a lot of categories. The Lions will be angry to the close game they lost this past week. I think the Lions are out to prove that first loss was a fluke and with Ronnie Brown now at the Running Back position I believe the Lions will be so much better on offense then what they have been already this year. I am going with the Lions this week because they still have a lot of momentum behind them.

Chicago Bears (3-3) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2)

The Bears are simply put the Bears. One week they will be great and one week they will be bad. The Bucs on the other hand have done a pretty good job except for two horrible losses this year. I think the Bucs are riding high after beating the Saints this week and will continue to ride that momentum this week and beat the Bears.

Houston Texans (3-3) at Tennessee Titans (3-2)

These two teams are at the top of their division and both look to try and get ahead this week. I honestly feel that Houston is the better team and will prove that this week. Houston has played the tougher teams and has more depth on their team. Houston goes to 4-3 this week and takes the division lead. 

San Diego Chargers (4-1) at New York Jets (3-3)

The Chargers look great this year and the Jets aren’t living up to the hype but the only reason I think that the Jets will win this is because L.T. is playing against the Chargers for the first time since he left two years ago. I look for L.T. to have a big game and lead the Jets back above .500 this week.  The Jets have the capabilities to be in the Super Bowl, it’s a matter of getting motivated and getting the job done and this week is their week to start building towards that.
Here are the lines from regarding this weeks games. 

National Football League

Time Caesars
Oct. 23 Chicago
10 a.m.  at Tampa Bay
Favorite CHI CHI
Point spread -1 -1
Total 43½o/u 44o/u 43½o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 23 Washington
10 a.m.  at Carolina
Favorite CAR CAR CAR
Point spread -2½ -2½ -2½
Total 44o/u 43o/u 44o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 23 San Diego
10 a.m.  at N.Y. Jets
Favorite SDG SDG SDG
Point spread -2 -2 -2
Total 43½o/u 44o/u 44o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 23 Seattle
10 a.m.  at Cleveland
Favorite CLE CLE CLE
Point spread -3 -3 -3
Total 40½o/u 40½o/u 40½o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 23 Houston
10 a.m.  at Tennessee
Favorite TEN TEN TEN
Point spread -3 -3 -3
Total 44½o/u 44½o/u 44o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 23 Denver
10 a.m.  at Miami
Favorite MIA MIA MIA
Point spread -2 -2 -2
Total 43o/u 42½o/u 43o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 23 Atlanta
10 a.m.  at Detroit
Favorite DET DET DET
Point spread -3½ -3½ -3½
Total 47½o/u 47o/u 47½o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 23 Kansas City
1:05 p.m.  at Oakland
Favorite OAK OAK OAK
Point spread -4 -4 -4
Total 41½o/u 41½o/u 42o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 23 Pittsburgh
1:05 p.m.  at Arizona
Favorite PIT PIT PIT
Point spread -3½ -3½ -4
Total 42o/u 42o/u 42o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 23 St. Louis
1:15 p.m.  at Dallas
Favorite DAL DAL DAL
Point spread -12 -12 -13½
Total 44o/u 44o/u 43½o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 23 Green Bay
1:15 p.m.  at Minnesota
Favorite GNB GNB GNB
Point spread -9 -9 -9
Total 47o/u 47o/u 47o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 23 Indianapolis
5:30 p.m.  at New Orleans
Favorite NOR NOR NOR
Point spread -14 -14 -14
Total 48½o/u 48o/u 48o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110
Oct. 24 Baltimore
5:35 p.m.  at Jacksonville
Favorite BAL BAL BAL
Point spread -7½ -7½ -8
Total 39o/u 39o/u 39o/u
Total money line -110 -110 -110

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