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2011 NFL Week 7 Recap

The season is almost half over and this week threw a few things off. Here are some of the teams that won that  I didn’t expect to win this week:

Panther over Redskins
Jets over Chargers
Chiefs over Oakland
Jaguars over Ravens

At then of the week the Packers are still undefeated and the Rams, Dolphins, and Colts still have not won a game yet. If the season ended the today this is how how the playoffs would look:

1 Green Bay
2 San Francisco
3 New Orleans
4 NY Giants
5 Detroit
6 Chicago


1 New England
2 Pittsburgh
3 San Diego
4 Houston
5 Cincinnati
6 Buffalo

The 3 teams I wouldn’t have expected to be in this picture are the Bengals, Bills and 49ers. Each team has made a lot of improvements over the last year and if this playoff picture holds up then it will be nice to see some new faces in the playoffs. Week 7 has come and gone but stay tuned for more because if you’re 0-6 not much else could go wrong!

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