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Hulkamania Comes Full Circe at Bound for Glory

Last night was TNA Impact Wrestling’s annual Bound for Glory PPV. Last year at this time Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff formed Immortal and began to take over TNA. Last night it was Sting vs. Hogan for control of the company. It was far from a wrestling classic but the brawl ended with Sting winning the company back for Dixie Carter. After the match Sting was being beat-down by Immortal until Hogan hulked up and helped Sting fight them off.

The pay-per-view was great but was extremely disappointed that Bobby Roode did not win the TNA Heavyweight title. It’s time for Roode to be the face of the company and give him a lengthy title run. Here are other results from the PPV:

-TNA World Tag Team Championship: Mexican America def. Ink, Inc.
-TNA X Division Championship: Austin Aries def. Brian Kendrick
-Full Metal Mayhem: Rob Van Dam def. Jerry Lynn
-Triple Threat Match: Crimson Def. Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe
-Falls Count Anywhere: Mr. Anderson def. Bully Ray
-TNA Knockouts Championship: Velvet Sky Def. Winter, Mickie James and Madison Rayne
-I Quit Match: AJ Styles def. Christopher Daniels

I was really happy to see Velvet Sky finally get the Knockouts title. It was great to see the right people being showcased. After months of horrible television TNA might just be in the right direction again. With Dixie Carter as the face of the company again expect to see some great changes. It was indeed a glorious night at Bound for Glory.

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