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NHL will Benefit from the NBA Lockout

With the entire NBA season in jeopardy, the one sport that will benefit from the NBA completely being locked out is the NHL. Ever since the last winter Olympics when Canada defeated the USA in the Gold Medal game Hockey has had a lot more attention. A lot of people consider that to be one of the greatest single games in sports history and it garnered more attention in the states.
I will gladly admit I never really got into hockey until I sat down and watch the entire game. You had America’s best and Canada’s best playing their hearts out and left it all on the ice. Hockey like football, baseball, and basketball has all had their lockouts but they haven’t had multiple lockouts within a decade of each other.
The NBA is full of drama queens, crybabies, and players who can’t handle their own ego’s. I love hockey players in the fact that they are tough, play with no teeth and don’t complain about how much they get hurt or how tired they are. I think the NHL, NFL, and MLB have all learned their lessons in the fact that they can’t afford to have a lockout anymore. All these organizations realize it’s the fans the sign their checks and the owners realize it’s fans and taxpayers that make them rich. The NBA will never learn its lesson. When it comes right down to it the NBA just doesn’t care. You see more baseball and football players doing community work and supporting local charities then you do basketball players.
The owners have a right to want more money so they can support their stadiums, pay the stadium workers so they can make a living and hell maybe even reduce the price of tickets. An athlete should never make more than an owner, president or GM. Those people are the ones who make the team run and put teams in place to win a championship.
So I ask the question is 80 million dollars worth losing tons of fans, and respect? Is it worth depriving the fans that make or break you. In my opinion the extra money they are fighting over should go to benefit the communities of the 32 teams. If you split 80 million dollars between 32 teams to put back into their community, each community would get approximately 2.5 million dollars.  Granted that might not be a lot to a big city like Detroit or L.A. but put it towards a good cause in that city. I guess if it were me that would be my humble solution.
As of right now, I am preparing for a complete lockout with no season and prepared to watch a lot of hockey this winter.  I might be one of those people who are so disgusted, that I will not watch the NBA for a very long time.  Have fun on your vacation NBA players because hockey will have my complete attention for now.


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