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Thoughts on Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling

Hulk Hogan’s latest venture: MCW

If you’re flipping channels on Wednesday Night and come across TruTV do not adjust your TV because you think the screen is small. At this point in time you realize you are watching one of Hulk Hogan’s crazy new TV shows. MCW was founded in 2009 by wrestlers Johnny Attitude and Demo. In the last year or so MCW has been holding shows in the Impact Arena in Orlando Florida. It’s had its up and downs with Hogan and Impact Wrestling but has finally reached television. Their debut show was on September 14th and it’s been an interesting ride ever since.

It’s a combination of a reality show and a behind the scenes look at what takes place in MCW. They show everything from the matches, the planning of matches, the wrestler’s personal lives as well as Hulk Hogan’s wonderful and inspiring pep talks.

I really admire how the midgets want to be recognized for their abilities just like an average sized wrestler is. They put the heart and soul into their matches and go out to perform their very best in front of everyone.

Personally between TNA and MCW, I think MCW has more value right now. It’s something new and original. I don’t think there has ever been a show dedicated to midget wrestlers. There have been shows just for women’s wrestling, lucha-libre wrestling, and hardcore wrestling but never for midgets. I honestly think it could make more money then TNA because of the concept.

MCW airs every Wednesday Night, now at 11pm. By technicality it’s the fourth wrestling promotion that can be seen nationally along with WWE, TNA and ROH. I know a lot of people probably won’t take this show seriously but it is somewhat inspiring for those who have physical limits in life. How long will MCW last? Well only time will tell so, whatcha gonna do when midgets run wild on you?

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