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The Aftermath of Joe Paterno’s Firing at Penn State

As I watched the news on ESPN last night the news broke of Joe Paterno’s firing as Head Coach of Penn State Football. I saw the students take to the streets and the standard for excellence at the school was broken. All of this started on nearly a week ago when former Defensive Coordinator Jerry Sandusky was arrested on 40 counts of sexual abuse, most of which took place on Penn State facilities.

Joe Paterno wanted to retire at the end of the season but the Board of Trustees did not allow him that luxury. As a fan and sports enthusiast watching this, there a few things I am angered about as I went to bed late last night. The first thing that angered me is if Paterno got fired why hasn’t the President, Athletic Director, Police Chief on Campus, and Mike McQueary? More importantly was hasn’t anyone who had knowledge about this been fired? I think it is wrong to put one man out and not everyone else.

The second thing that had me angry is the Board of Trustees failure to answer what evidence they had and what basis they had for firing him when they did. I believe board Vice Chair John Surma talked himself and his fellow members out of their seats the next time they are up for elections. I believe that Board of Trustees enraged a lot of students and fans. I believe strongly that Joe Paterno should have had an opportunity to speak before this decision went down.

Lastly, I am so disgusted with a lot of people I heard on ESPN last night. All these guys came on and said how much they love and respect Joe Paterno but supported the decision to fire him. In my opinion that’s being  hypocritical at its best. You either love him or you hate him and you support him no matter what. Don’t come on TV like you love the guy and tell the world you agreed with him being fired. As far as I am concerned the former players, and analysts that were looked stupid when they said some of things that they did.

My thoughts, prayers and sympathies go out to the victims of this scandal tragedy. They are the ones who suffered the most and deserve the most sympathy out of anyone in this. In saying that I do feel bad for the football players of Penn State on the current roster who has absolutely nothing to do with this garbage and heinous acts taking place.

I believe Penn State will be scarred for a long time because of this. This is worst then anything that happened in USC, OSU, U of M, Auburn or any other College Athletic scandal. This is way above and beyond cheating and recieving benefits. It’s going to take a long time for Penn State to ever be the same again.

Unfortunately for Joe Paterno he wont be remembered for the:
-Most Division I-A/FBS wins (409)
-Most bowl wins (24)
-2 National Championships (1982, 1986)
-3 Big Ten Championships  (1994, 2005, 2008)

A lot of people will remember Joe Paterno for saying, “I wish I had done more.” 
Stay tuned because this story isn’t going away anytime soon and I am sure it’s only going to get uglier. 

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