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Ndamukong Suh: Aggressive or Just Plain Dirty

Yesterday Ndamukong Suh was kicked out of the game between the Lions and Packers in the third quarter after he stomped on a Packers offensive lineman while he was down. There is no doubt this will lead to a fine of some sorts and if so this would be the fourth time in his career already that he has been fined. 

A lot of players have accused him of being dirty while commentators and football analysts have just said he is an aggressive player. At this point, when you repeatedly smash someone’s head into the ground and then stomp on their arm, that means you are dirty. Suh claims he lost balance but if you clearly watch the replay he knew what he was doing. In the bigger picture the penalty that Suh cost led the Packers to a touchdown instead of the field-goal that they were getting ready kicked.
The question has to be asked now and that is, is Suh helping the Lions or is he hurting them? There is no doubt that he is very talented and is becoming a very feared player in the league, but if he can’t keep his emotions in check then is he doing more damage then good. Suh is not the only Lions player thats been accused of being dirty. Its been reported Nick Fairley is dirty as well. 
The Lions are on the verge of a meltdown between Stafford’s inconsistent play and poor decision and defensive players being dirty. If the Lions are to make the playoffs they have to get it together and win the next few games. Right now Suh is the big story but the bigger story is going to be if the Lions miss the playoffs because of all of this. 

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